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Wakame miso soup is a slightly sweet soup made using seaweed (wakame) 
Instant miso soup with bonito is a soup with flakes of Bonito ( a type of fish)
Sushi ginger is pickled slices of ginger in a sweetner. Often used with eating sushi.
Wasabi paste is a hot paste also known as Japanese horseradish which can be used in a 
of dishes from sushi to Mashed potatoes.      
Wasabi peas are dried gren peas coated in Wasabi. Served as a snack or in salads.

Sushi nori are sheets of seaweed used as a wrap in the making of sushi.

7241 Wakame miso soup 12 90g 5014276432705
7240 Instant miso soup with bonito 10 7.5g 5014276701047
7242 Sushi ginger 6 190g 5014276600012
7244 Wasabi paste 10 43g 5014276708961
7245 Wasabi peas 6 100g 5014276706226
7243 Sushi nori 20 11g 5014276130038